Tiziano Ferro

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Dopo un'adolescenza difficile segnata da problemi di sovrappeso e dalla bulimia, dopo una lunga lotta per arrivare al successo musicale, Tiziano Ferro con il suo grande amore per la musica é riuscito a diventare uno dei cantanti piu' conosciuto e amato dai giovani italiani. Questa é la canzone piu' ascoltata al momento.

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Commento di car insurance, 13/05/2012, alle 05:10 (UTC):
Good look, good move, good sound. I must say when she busted out in Italian I was floored. She sounded great. If I didn’t know who it was I would have thought it was a native speaker. Great job Kells.Yes, the economy is doing bad, but the euro is still higher than the dollar so she may not be getting any shine in the States, she is still getting paid. A lot of artist go overseas. I heard that a lot of the old rap artists are doing exceptionally well over there. Good for them. Get on where you get put on is what I say.

Commento di life insurance no physical, 22/04/2012, alle 04:35 (UTC):
I love the song.Kelly looked so beautiful and she was killing it at the end .and LookI’m going to warn you now .kelly has a master piece song hitting crazy high notes with the very famous dj /producer “david Guetta” you can find the song on youtube. all I have to say is watch out this song has had a buzz for 3 months and it hasn’t even leaked yet he’s been playing it for huge crowds and they go ape shit when they hear it it’s been nothing but beyond positive views for this song so kelly migh very have another number 1 hit on her handsbut you didn’t hear it from me *whistles*

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